The race itinerary has been organised in a manner to allow sufficient time for competitors to acclimatise to the conditions and temperatures expected around the time of the race. This includes two full days in Greenland for acclimatisation, preparation and testing of team systems, in addition to half a day upon arrival and the morning of the race start. Teams will have therefore already had three nights under canvass to highlight any problems or insufficiencies in their equipment, clothing, tents, sleeping bags etc, in time to make amendments if necessary. This time will also allow for psychological as well as physical acclimatisation, because of the extremely remote nature of the environment. Apart from the small number of airport staff and buildings there is no human inhabitation or settlement at Constable Point, with no roads, railways, shops or any other buildings of whatsoever nature. The only human population within the whole region that the race will be taking place in will be the competitors and race staff themselves.