Booking Form (Private & Independent Groups ONLY)

A Private expedition is one which Tangent has organised on a bespoke basis on behalf of your private group of friends/colleagues and is led by a guide provided by Tangent Expeditions Ltd.

An Independent Group is one for which Tangent Expeditions is providing advice, logistics services and equipment rental only and is led by a member of your own team of expedition participants.

This booking form is to be used by both Private Groups and Independent Groups. If you are joining a regularly advertised Guided expedition then please use our standard Booking Form.


Before completing this form please read our standard booking Terms and Conditions. If referring to other pages of our website during completion of this form we recommend that you do so by opening another window to ensure that you do not loose the information already entered on this form. Please have your passport to hand. If you have any concerns over your skills or ability to perform successfully at a competent and safe level on your intended expedition please contact our office prior to completion of this form. Tangent can offer bespoke training in either the UK, the European Alps or in Greenland in preparation for joining an expedition. Upon receipt of this form and your group’s minimum deposit payment you will receive a booking confirmation and receipt of payment and an invoice and links to further information that you must read within 7 days. This is to comply with the Distance Selling regulations and allows you adequate time to cancel this agreement after having read the required information. The documents will include information regarding our Safety Policy, Risk Assessment & Management Structure, Snowmobile and Boat Operations policy, Environmental policy, Communications policy, Guiding Protocol, Child Protection policy, Equipment list, Food list, example Medical & First Aid kit contents, Dangerous Animals in Greenland, and Permit Stipulations. If you wish to download and view any of these documents prior to completing this form then please contact our office to request a password to access the Client Log In section of our website where links to the relevant documents can be found.

Your venture is provided by Tangent Expeditions Ltd to British Standard BS8848, Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the UK. Tangent Expeditions Ltd follows the professional standard and principles set out by the BS8848 British Standard for overseas expeditions. Tangent Expeditions Ltd uses YET as a competent, external and independent “other party” assessor of their conformity to British Standard 8848 as laid down in the specification. The assessment includes a sampling process for verification, but all ventures are subject to self-assessment in accordance with the standard. YET is not acting, of itself, as the arbiter of the quality of provision, but assesses provision by Tangent Expeditions Ltd against the standard to give assurance of good management practice.

Ventures that include adventurous activities involve exposure to accepted elements of risk, challenge and adventure greater than those normally encountered in everyday life. Whilst such activities provided by Tangent Expeditions Ltd are subject to exacting safety management processes, it cannot be guaranteed that all possibility of resultant injury to participants, or others, is eliminated.

All the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. When you pay you will be supplied with an ATOL Certificate. Please ask for it and check to ensure that everything you booked (flights, hotels and other services) is listed on it. Please see our booking conditions for further information or for more information about financial protection and the ATOL Certificate go to

Please save a pdf or html version of your completed form for your own records before sending this form. Once sent it will disappear from your screen.

Personal information will only be held by Tangent Expeditions Ltd and will not be passed on to any third party except for legitimate reasons relating to the expedition (eg. Greenland permit authorities, Greenland Police, airlines, accommodation bookings etc).

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Where did you hear about Tangent Expeditions Ltd? Tangent Expeditions websiteTangent Facebook pageMontane website / newsletterExplorers ConnectSleepmonstersAWOL AdventureUK Adventure RacingWilderness Medical TrainingExplorers WebTwitterLinked InGoogleOther search engineWord of mouthPrevious clientRGS ExploreKendal Film FestivalMagazine advertMagazine articleGreenland Tourism websiteArctic Club eventScottish Arctic Club eventAlpine Club eventOther expedition companyGreenland LectureOther
Expedition Name
Expedition Area
Expedition Dates
Expedition Leader
Do you suffer from, or have you ever suffered from, any of the following conditions or their signs and symptoms? Cold injury (hypothermia, frostbite, frostnip)AsthmaDiabetesEpilepsy / FitsHigh blood pressureHeart problemsProstate problemsMuscle / Joint problemsBack problemsPeptic (stomach) ulcerKidney stonesFainting / DizzinessInfectious diseasePhysical disabilityPsychological / PsychiatricEating disordersOther serious illness or injury
If you answered yes to any of the above, or have a family history of any, please give details and/or operations and year(s) of occurrence.
Do you have an allergy to any kind of medicine, anti-biotic, pain killer, food, insect bite/sting, adhesive plasters, or have you any cultural or religious beliefs that may preclude you from certain forms of medication or treatment? * YesNo
If you answered yes, please give details.
Are you currently taking any form of medication, or do you take any medication from time to time? (include oral contraceptives) * YesNo
If you answered yes, please give details.
Is your tetanus immunization current? (If not, please arrange before the expedition because certain Greenland expeditions may expose you to risk of animal contact.) * YesNo
Do you have any current dental problems? ( If yes, please receive treatment prior to the expedition) * YesNo
By the signing of this booking form I agree that to the best of my knowledge all of the above details are true and correct and that if any medical condition develops or deteriorates prior to my departure on the expedition I will inform Tangent Expeditions Ltd immediately.
Do you intend to smoke on the expedition? (If so we will attempt to partner you with another smoker for tent sharing purposes)* YesNo
Has your group requested Tangent Expeditions Ltd to provide the expedition food?* YesNo
If yes...
Do you eat meals containing dehydrated meat? YesNo
Will you eat tinned fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines etc? YesNo
Do you drink tea? YesNo
Do you drink coffee? YesNo
Do you drink hot chocolate? YesNo
Do you require sugar for hot drinks? YesNo
Do you require powdered milk for hot drinks? YesNo
Do you have any other special dietary requirements or foodstuffs that must be excluded from your diet? (please give details)
Would you like to upgrade your first and last evening’s accommodation in transit to a single room? (add £40 per person per night otherwise a shared a shared Twin room will be provided) * YesNo
As described in your contract the price does not include international flights to Iceland (or Ottawa for Baffin Island expeditions) from your home country. Tangent strongly advises that all clients book flexible fares and flights that give an alternative contingency arrangement if your planned flight is delayed or cancelled. This can be done by booking a morning flight with a later evening option or by arriving in Iceland with a full day spare before the day the trip starts. We also advise at least one spare day in Iceland at the end to allow for delays or recommend purchasing a flexible airfare.
Does your group wish to use or receive a quote for insurance arranged under a Tangent Expeditions group policy?* YesNo
Do you group members currently have alternative worldwide travel insurance that you intend to use for this expedition?* YesNo
Clients using their own travel insurance policies must ensure that they include suitable cover for Search and Rescue (SAR), evacuation, air ambulance flights, medical expenses and repatriation to their home country or country of first departure. Please send a copy of your policy schedule to our office for evaluation of suitability.
For Greenland Icecap Crossings and Watkins Mountains expeditions it is a requirement of the expedition permit and stipulations laid down by the Greenland authorities that clients arranging their own insurance cover for Greenland must get their insurance agents and underwriters to sign a formal statement as a guarantee that appropriate cover is in place. A copy of this statement can be downloaded from our website. Please send to your insurance agents for signing and return the completed form to Tangent. Please ensure that your personal travel insurance (all clients) includes cover for any personal equipment sent as sea or air freight because this is not normally included in any regular travel insurance, including our own group travel policy. Such cover is not compulsory but is at your own risk if you send out equipment or other items in advance.
The baggage allowance on most flights from European cities to Iceland and between Iceland and Greenland is maximum 20kg plus 5kg hand baggage. Please check with your airline for specific details. All excess baggage charges will be your own group’s responsibility. For group’s who anticipate exceeding their standard baggage allowance, or who just wish to travel light, it is possible to send out personal items of baggage with your main expedition freight consignment at a total cost of £15 per kilo each way.
Would you like to reserve freight space? * YesNo
If yes, approximately how many kg? (the most common items people send are skis, ice axes, boots, crampons, harness, helmet, personal karabiners.
Please note that most private and independent groups will have sufficient freight weight allocated within your contract and thus not require excess baggage. The exception may be where team members require use of much of their gear right up until departure and can therefore not send it in advance as part of the main freight consignment.
Please give full details of your past experience of wilderness camping, trekking, mountaineering, climbing, ski-touring and ski-mountaineering (not necessary for dog sled expedition participants).

This information will be used to help assess your suitability to join the above expedition and to help the expedition leader and or guide determine the overall range and depth of experience within the group.

Back-packing / Camping / Hill Walking / General Mountaineering
Winter Hill Walking / Winter Mountaineering
Alpine Climbing
Rock Climbing
Lead at:
Second at:
Snow / Ice Climbing
Lead at:
Second at:
Downhill / Alpine Skiing
Alpine / Nordic Ski Mountaineering
Overseas Expeditions
Are you competent in putting on a climbing harness for glacier travel? * NoYes (Novice)Yes (Competently)N/A
Can you tie a figure of eight knot or bowline knot for attaching the rope to your harness? * NoYes (Novice)Yes (Competently)N/A
Are you competent in roping up techniques and taking coils for glacier travel? * NoYes (Novice)Yes (Competently)N/A
Can you belay a lead climber?* NoYes (Novice)Yes (Competently)N/A
Can you place rock belays? * NoYes (Novice)Yes (Competently)N/A
Can you place snow and ice belays using skis, ice axes, snow stake and other buried snow anchors? * NoYes (Novice)Yes (Competently)N/A
Do you require a ski hire package from Tangent?
(please check Equipment website page for rates) *
(Ski hire package includes Nordic, Telemark or Alpine mountain touring skis, bindings, poles and skins). WE DO NOT HIRE BOOTS!!
If you wish to hire skis from Tangent please provide the following information
Normal shoe size
Ski/mountain boot size
Do you require tent hire? (tents are normally provided for private expeditions but not for independent groups)
Tent Hire @ £40 (per person per week, or part there of * OwnBorrowHire from TangentProvided by Tangent
If not, what tent will you be using?
Please note that due to very tight payload restrictions of Twin Otter and helicopter supported expeditions it is not normally possible for clients to have their own individual tent. If it is strong preference for you then please contact our office to discuss the possibility for your expedition. If renting a tent from Tangent the hire cost will double.
Which of the following items of personal equipment do you either own, intend to borrow, or wish to hire from Tangent? (prices subject to 20% VAT)
Avalanche Transceiver @ £40 * OwnBorrowHire from Tangent
Avalanche Probe @ £12 * OwnBorrowHire from Tangent
Ice Axe @ £20 * OwnBorrowHire from Tangent
Ice Hammer @ £20 * OwnBorrowHire from Tangent
Crampons @ £20 * OwnBorrowHire from Tangent
Helmet @ £10 * OwnBorrowHire from Tangent
Harness @ £10 * OwnBorrowHire from Tangent
5 x Personal Screwgate Karabiners @ £10 * OwnBorrowHire from Tangent
Through the signing of this form I agree that to the best of my knowledge all of the above details are true and correct and if any of the information changes or any medical condition develops or deteriorates prior to the start of my chosen tour/expedition I will inform Tangent Expeditions Ltd immediately.
I have read, understood and agree to all aspects of the separate contract between the above mentioned expedition and Tangent Expeditions Ltd. I confirm that all group members of this expedition have been made aware of the nature and content of this agreement (or their parents/guardians if acting in loco parentis) and I agree to this contract and to its terms and conditions.
I acknowledge that I have discussed, understood and accepted the leadership style and approach for this expedition with the other members of my expedition group. I confirm that I, the leadership team (independent groups) and the other participants in this expedition have the necessary skills and training to take part in this expedition.
I acknowledge that if we split up at any time each sub group will have a nominated leader who is sufficiently experienced to lead such a group in the terrain likely to be encountered. I acknowledge that each nominated leader will be first aid qualified and will carry an appropriate first aid kit considered suitable by an independent medical advisor.
I am fully aware of the risks and dangers of participating in this tour/expedition and do so at my own risk.
I confirm that all members of this expedition (and those acting in loco parentis for minors) are aware of the implications of Direct Supervision, Indirect Supervision, Personal Time and Down Time, in accordance with BS8848 guidelines, as described on the website.
Following the end of any period of Down Time I agree to present myself in a state ‘fit for purpose’ in order to continue with the expedition. If I present myself in a state ‘not fit for purpose’ due to, but not limited to, injury, illness, drunkenness, or unstable emotional or psychological state, I understand and accept that I may not be allowed to rejoin the expedition and that all such associated costs will be my own responsibility. If I present myself in a state ‘not fit for purpose’ I understand that Tangent Expeditions or its agents reserve the right to refuse my embarkation on any transport should they deem that my fitness or state could cause a risk to themselves or to others and that should such an event happen all such costs associated with that event will be my responsibility. I understand this could result in one or more members of my group being required to escort me back to my home country.
I understand, agree and accept that solo climbing, skiing and mountaineering attempts or journeys are not allowed by the Greenland authorities and are not covered under Greenland expedition permits or under the standard terms and conditions of many search and rescue insurance policies. I understand and accept that in the case of search and rescue and medical evacuation, delays of several days can occur before the start of such operations due to weather conditions and due to the complex logistics required to reach many of the remote mountain areas in Greenland and the Arctic. I understand that this could result in the deterioration of any medical condition due to accident, injury or illness, possibly resulting in death.
I understand and accept that medical care in the mountains will be of a less satisfactory nature than that normally available and that medical first aid and advanced medical care will only be exercised in a manner consistent with individual’s skills, training, experience and recognised procedures, including medical care between group members and between group members and leaders.
I agree to make all my payments towards this expedition by the due dates stated within the expedition contract and that late payments may amount to breach of contract and incur late payment and interest charges in accordance with Tangent Expeditions terms and conditions. I understand and accept that this group booking to which I am party to has Joint and Several Liability to Tangent Expeditions Ltd for the total sum due on behalf of this expedition.
I am aware that weather and transport delays of several days can and do occur on expeditions. I accept that any such additional and weather related flight, travel, or accommodation charges are my group’s own responsibility. I understand and accept that no refunds of whatsoever nature can be made for weather related delays because of the nature of Tangent Expeditions Ltd's pre-expedition contractual agreements with suppliers.
I authorise Tangent Expeditions Ltd to charge any above mentioned additional personal services requested and their related costs as detailed on this form, directly to me.
I acknowledge that I will have in place full travel and rescue insurance suitable for all foreseeable emergencies and costs for the expedition area we intend to visit and will provide a copy of such policy at least 4 weeks prior to departure.
I accept that I am responsible for ensuring that I meet the relevant passport and visa requirements for the country I intend to visit.
Full Passport Name (print) *
Today’s Date *