EXPEDITIONS – Winter & Spring 2016


Polar & Arctic Expedition Training

A comprehensive polar training expedition to the high arctic region of northeast Greenland. On this expedition you will learn what you really need to know to live comfortably in a true arctic expedition context.

23 March – 30 March ’16  (8 days)     £3450
30 March – 06 April ’16  (8 days)     £3450

Liverpool Land North-South Ski Traverse

A full 150km north-south ski traverse of the mighty Liverpool Land ranges, finishing in Greenland’s most remote village of Ittoqqortoormiit. This route has now become firmly established as the classic arctic ski tour for east Greenland.

27 April – 18 May ’16  (22 days)      £6950

Arctic Greenland Ski & Climb
(Liverpool Land)

Rare ascents and unclimbed peaks in the most remote region of northern Liverpool Land. Open to ski tourers, ski mountaineers, snowboarders and mountain climbers.

06 April – 13 April ’16  (8 days)     £3750
20 April – 04 May ’16  (15 days)     £4750

Arctic Greenland Ski Mountaineer
(Stauning Alps)

The southern Stauning Alps offers a true wilderness and discovery experience in this most remote region of the high arctic. Opportunities abound for numerous first ascents and unclimbed peaks.

20 April – 04 May ’16   (15 days)    £6950

Snowboard First Ascents/Descents
(Liverpool Land)

Exploratory snow/split board expedition to a rarely visited region of central Liverpool Land. Join us on this unique opportunity to make first ascents and descents of remote arctic summits amongst these most stunning mountains.

20 April – 04 May ’16  (15 days)    £4750

Arctic’s Highest Mountains (Watkins)
(Gunnbjørnsfjeld 3693m)

Tangent Expeditions is the only outfitter in the world offering guided ascents of the arctic’s three highest mountains, located in the Watkins Mountains of east Greenland.

03 May – 10 May ’16   (8 days)      £9450
03 May – 17 May ’16  (15 days)      £11750

EXPEDITIONS – Summer 2016


Arctic Greenland Trek
(Liverpool Land)

An adventurous trek through the valleys, mountains and glaciers of southern Liverpool Land. Includes easy grade ascents of several beautiful and prominent mountain summits.

27 July – 03 August ’16  (8 days)     £3650
27 July – 10 August ’16  (15 days)     £3950

Arctic Greenland Mountaineer
(Liverpool Land)

Backpacking and mountaineering ascents of the highest peaks in southern Liverpool Land and exploration of the Sødal and Nøkkedal valleys and surrounding peaks.

27 July – 03 August ’16  (8 days)     £3650
27 July – 10 August ’16  (15 days)     £3950

Ultimate Arctic Trek & Climb
(Sydkap & Stauning Alps)

Travel by boat to this most remote spot deep within the world’s largest fjord, Scoresby Sound. Then trek and back pack through this stunning area making rare ascents of mountain summits.

03 August – 17 August ’16  (15 days)     £5950

Arctic Photography Boat Expedition
(Stauning Alps & Inner Fjords)

An amazing boat journey through Scoresbysund Fjord to capture the beauty of this remote region. Camping on Milne Land, Renland and Bear Islands allows access to superb mountain, glacier, fauna, flora and iceberg scenery.

03 August – 17 August ’16  (15 days)     £5950

Boat Exploration
(Hurry Fjord & Scoresby Sound)

Departing from Constable Point we travel extensively throughout Hurry Fjord and Scoresby Sound to visit and camp at many of the local points of interest, including an overnight stay at Ittoqqortoormiit village.

27 July – 03 August ’16  (8 days)   £3450

Mountain Bike Expedition
(Jameson Land & Liverpool Land)

This will be the first ever mountain bike expedition to venture in to northeast Greenland and explore the vast potential of this region. A truly historical and remarkable expedition in the making.

03 August – 17 August ’16  (15 days)   £3450