EXPEDITIONS – Summer 2016


Arctic Greenland Trek

(Liverpool Land)  

An adventurous trek through the valleys, mountains and glaciers of southern Liverpool Land. Travelling by boat across Hurry Fjord we camp at the remote Kalkdal Hut as a base for exploration of the Lake Mountains with superb views over the Kalkdal and Sødal valleys. From here ascents of several easy grade, beautiful and prominent summits can be made. A high mountain camp will give access to the icecap glaciers and peaks surrounding Bjerring Pedersens Gletscher.

27 July – 03 August ’16 (8 days)     £3650
27 July – 10 August ’16 (15 days)     £3950

Arctic Greenland Mountaineer

(Liverpool Land)  

Rare mountaineering ascents of Korsbjerg 1400m and Tvillingerne 1430m, the two highest peaks in Liverpool Land. Additional ascents will be made of other high summits in southern Liverpool Land offering stunning views over the iceberg filled Denmark Straits. Further exploration of the Sødal and Nøkkedal valleys, the Hans Glacier and the Bjerring Pedersens icecap will give fantastic insight into this beautiful landscape. A strenuous multi day backpacking expedition.

27 July – 03 August ’16 (8 days)      £3650
27 July – 10 August ’16 (15 days)     £3950

Ultimate Arctic Trek & Climb

(Sydkap & Stauning Alps)  

Sydkap is probably the most striking fjord location in the whole of east and northeast Greenland. An oasis of greenery and arctic fauna and flora surrounded by towering icebergs, peaks and glaciers. Embark on a major two day boat journey deep into the inner fjords to arrive at base camp nestled at the head of the world’s largest fjord, Scoresby Sound. Then trek and back pack through this stunning region of the southern Stauning Alps making rare ascents of mountain summits.

03 August – 17 August ’16 (15 days)      £5950

Arctic Photography Boat Expedition

(Stauning Alps & Inner Fjords)  

Travelling the length of Scoresby Sound fjord we journey in twin RIB boats to the small house at Kap Tobin, our advance base for the next 10 days exploration of the inner fjords and islands. We’ll explore the magnificent glaciers and towering summits and rock walls that descend directly into the fjords. Photo opportunities abound in this incredibly striking and beautiful region of Milne Land, Renland and Bear Islands allowing access to superb mountain, glacier, fauna, flora and iceberg scenery.

03 August – 17 August ’16 (15 days)     £5950

Boat Exploration

(Hurry Fjord & Scoresby Sound)  

Departing from Constable Point we travel extensively throughout Hurry Fjord and Scoresby Sound to visit and camp at many of the local points of interest. First we visit and camp on the Fame islands near the head of Hurry Fjord before heading over to the small hut near Kalkdal. Here we have opportunity to walk, climb and explore on foot. Heading south we explore the eastern shoreline of Liverpool Land before arriving for an overnight stay at Greenland’s most remote village, Ittoqqortoormiit.

27 July – 03 August ’16 (8 days)    £3450

Mountain Bike Expedition

(Jameson Land & Liverpool Land)  

A totally unique opportunity to join this first ever mountain bike expedition to northeast Greenland and to explore the vast riding potential of this region. A truly historical and remarkable expedition in the making. Arriving at the remote northern outpost of Constable Point the team will explore the local hills and valley of Jameson Land before heading north in to the vast Klitdal valley. From here we will attempt to pioneer a mountain bike route south along Liverpool Land to Ittoqqortoormiit.

03 August – 17 August ’16 (15 days)    £3450