Guides & Staffing

Key Staff:

Race Director: Paul Walker B.Ed (Hons) Outdoor Education
Montane Brand Director: Paul Cosgrove
Safety Consultant / Snowmobile Team: Phil Poole IFMGA Mountain Guide
Base Camp Manager (Logistics, Equipment & Timekeeper): Dick Griffiths FRGS
Greenland Medical Director/ Race Doctor: Dr Sundeep Dhillon MBE, MA, (Oxon), BM BCh,
Assistant Race Doctor / Snowmobile Team: Dr Beth Healey MbCHb (Hons) BSc FRGS
UK Medical Advisor: Dr Jon Dallimore MSc, MRCGP, MCEM, DCH, DRCOG, Dip
Snowmobile Mechanic / Snowmobile Team: Hordur Rafnsson
Snowmobile Team: Brian Newham, Jo Hardy, Darren Harris, James Rutter, Steve Ripley
Videographer / Film Maker: TBC
Montane Professional Photographer: Martin Hartley
Tangent Montane Race Patron & Guest Speaker: Paul Rose FRGS
Greenland assistant coordinators: Lea Sanimuinaq Madsen / Marius Madsen / Magnus

Support Teams:

Snowmobile support teams (3 independent teams of minimum two snowmobiles each)
Air Greenland helicopter on standby at Constable Point for medical evacuation
Race doctor and assistant doctor on 24hr standby, with additional doctor & nurse at Ittoqqortoormiit hospital and a further UK medical adviser.
Established tent checkpoints will be set up at strategic positions
Ittoqqortoormiit village snowmobile support team
Ittoqqortoormiit village dog sled teams and snowmobile guides for post expedition tours
(additional charges apply for village tour, ice fishing, dog sled and snowmobile tours etc)