Snowmobile Tours – Winter & Spring 2016



A full one day tour (10 hrs) tagged on to the start or finish of another Greenland expedition.

A one hour training session will equip you with the basic safe driving skills to embark on an amazing journey around the northern region of Hurry Fjord, Liverpool Land and across to the spectacular ice berg filled Horsens Fjord.

Heading north from Constable Point you willd rive through the narrow pass of Postkassen in eastern Jameson Land before heading east to a small trappers hut on the northernmost islet of the Fame Islands where we stop for hot drinks. From here we travel east through the guarded entrance of Kalkdal and then a stunning cruise through this amazing valley, crossing narrow frozen lakes before descending to the east coast of Liverpool Land. Here we arrive at Horsen’s Fjord, the location of stranded ice bergs locked in to the sea ice and possible Polar Bear sighting. We will drive right up to them and you can explore the texture and awesome sight of these strange ice structures. After having lunch on an ice berg we head back through Kalkdal, passing numerous glacier snouts en route until we arrive at the Kalkdal hut. After a short break we journey south down the east coast of Hurry Fjord before heading west to traverse the entire length of Sødal valley. This terminates in an exciting and twisting drive through the complex terminal moraine of the Bjerring Pedersens glacier to a high frozen lake and superb vantage point. Heading back in the early evening glow of the setting sun you arrive back at Constable Point to a hearty meal and glass of wine in the airport restaurant.

Various dates (1 day)     £750 (minimum 2 people)


A 3 day expedition to Jameson land and Northern Liverpool Land. This tour can be tagged on to the end of another Greenland expedition or run as a bespoke tour in it’s own right.

After an initial training session Day 1 will be spent heading north through the narrow pass of Postkassen, passing Tupikajik escarpment viewpoint, and following the frozen Ryders river network through the broad and vast Klitdal valley. After 3 hours we head west up steepening hillsides to the remote “Red House” hut where we stop for lunch. From here we spend the afternoon heading west over the interior highlands of Jameson Land to visit the stone “Tupliaq” structure that overlooks the world’s largest fjord system; Scoresby Sound. We explore and go in search of the strange beast of the north, the Musk Oxen and Polar Bear, whilst taking in the extraordinary scenery. After a roller coaster ride through the smooth swings and turns of the frozen Draba Sibirico river valley we return to the Red House for an overnight. Day 2 takes us east back to Klitdal and then north, descending the valley down to the frozen Carlsberg Fjord and on up the west coast and across to the northernmost tip of Liverpool Land; Kap Greville. This incredibly remote location looks out over the vast ice berg filled Denmark Straits. On the return we pass numerous glacier snouts as they descend into the fjord where we drive right up to these huge ice cliffs, stopping for superb photography. We then join the Paselv valley and drive east through the heart of Liverpool land, over frozen lakes and through a high mountain pass to arrive at the incredible over night mountain hut at the northernmost tip of Nørrefjord. Here it’s possible to bath in the small hot spring and enjoy a truly magnificent vista of mountains, glaciers and fjord views before dinner.

Various dates (3 days) £2250 plus flights (minimum 3 people)


As the name suggests, the Ultimate Greenland snowmobile experience, taking in the very best of sites throughout the Jameson Land, southern Stauning Alps and Liverpool Land ranges.

This week long adventure will be the epitome of snowmobile exploration and challenge and take in all aspects of the Extreme tour, plus much more. From the Red House on Jameson Land the team will strike out west to reach the eastern shore of Scoresby Sound, the largest fjord system in the world. Following the coastline north we come first to the derelict Weather Station of Gurreholm, passing numerous icebergs en route and looking out for sightings of Polar Bear, Arctic Fox and Arctic Hare. Finally after a day’s travelling we arrive at the single most remote house in northeast Greenland; Sydkap. This stunning location offers a superb base for a two day exploration of nearby icebergs and deep in to the high alpine mountains of the southern Stauning Alps. This is true virgin territory where you will see no signs of any other human visitation. After returning to the Red House to pick up the Extreme itinerary we eventually return via Constable Point and onward to visit Greenland’s most remote Inuit settlement of Ittoqqortoormiit. Here we visit the local hot spring and the remote deserted settlements of Kap Hope and Kap Tobin, before spending the night in a comfortable guesthouse. A visit to the local tourist office in the morning completes the itinerary before we head back to Constable Point in time for your returning flight to Iceland.

Various dates (7 days)    £4950 plus flight (minimum 4 people)