Weather Sites

The following weather websites shown below are those used most regularly by Tangent Expeditions and Snow Dragons for viewing weather information relating to Constable Point and Ittoqqortoormiit village. Please note, however, that forecasts for east and northeast Greenland are based on very limited information and can often be incorrect or misleading and do not take in to account localised conditions which can vary significantly. When appropriate, the race organisers (at their own discretion) may choose to forward useful weather information to groups via text messaging to teams’ satellite telephones. This is not an obligation or specific commitment and all teams should have their own means of accessing weather information from their own sources. The race organisers recommend that team leaders nominate an individual in a home country and with a secure internet connection to monitor such weather sites on their behalf. The race organisers recommend that each team leader, or a nominated member of each team, should phone this contact at least once each day to obtain up to date weather information.

North Atlantic Weather Charts
Constable Point
Constable Point
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