About Tangent Expeditions

Tangent Expeditions began in 1989 when owner and director Paul Walker organised his first two month expedition to East Greenland. Since then, he's gone on to organise over 250 expeditions all over Greenland, becoming the leading expert in his field. He has guided many of these himself and now employs a team of highly qualified mountain guides.

Constable Point Base

In 2011 Tangent Expeditions established a permanent base at the remote airstrip of Constable Point. The nearby mountains of Liverpool Land provide easy access to stunning glaciers and fjords. Travelling further afield into the National Park rewards guests with unclimbed summits, untouched landscapes and a true wilderness experience.

Tangent Expeditions' staff are based at Constable Point throughout the main expedition seasons. Having a dedicated fleet of snowmobiles and boats, together with full time staff at base, allows clients to receive the best possible support throughout their expedition.

During the main winter season around ten Tangent Expeditions staff run our base and snowmobile transport. Specialist guides lead ski, climbing and snowmobile trips. In the summer we employ boat operators at base and mountain guides in the field. We have recently added a fleet of sea kayaks, paving the way for guided and self guided paddling trips in the remote arctic.

Our Services

We specialise in providing top-end logistical support and guiding in northeast Greenland. Our guided expeditions and training courses have participants from all walks of life and cater to all abilities. We also provide bespoke logistics to self guided skiing, kayaking and climbing expeditions.

Corporate groups can enjoy a real challenge in Greenland. We have specialist staff in leadership and personal development and offer a one week corporate programme. Tangent can also provide custom logistics to TV & film productions and scientific & mining operations.

We also organise custom trips to other parts of Greenland, including hiking and sailing on the west coast.

Tangent has its own base camp accommodation facilities at Constable Point which are available to rent for private groups. Rental equipment can be loaned for both guided and self-guided trips.

About Tangent Expeditions