About Tangent

Tangent Expeditions began in 1988 when company owner & director Paul Walker began organising his first two month expedition to East Greenland whilst at university studying Outdoor Education. Since then, he's gone on to organise over 220 expeditions all over Greenland, guiding many himself, and becoming the leading expert in his field.

In 2011, with a growing number of expeditions visiting east and northeast Greenland, Tangent Expeditions established a year-round base at Constable Point; with accommodation, workshop, equipment store, fuel depot, storage containers, and a fleet of snowmobiles, boats and quad bikes. The region was chosen over the more southerly Kulusuk/Tasiilaq due to better weather, stable cold temperatures late into the season, a far greater range of alpine mountains and glaciers, and 100% reliable sea ice conditions for transport.

Tangent Expedition’s staff are based in-country throughout the main expedition seasons of March - May and July - August. Having a dedicated fleet of snowmobiles and boats, together with staff at base 24/7, allows expeditions to receive the best possible support throughout their expedition.

Tangent has it’s own fully catered base camp accommodation facilities at Constable Point, available to rent for private groups if required, along with two fully portable base camps consisting of a Polarhaven shelter and Mountain Hardware Space Station tent.

During the main winter season Tangent employs around 12-15 staff to run the base, guide expeditions and run our snowmobile transport operation.

Constable Point is also known by it’s Greenlandic name of Nerlerit Inaat.