What will I eat on expedition?

For breakfast and dinner, you'll eat specialist freeze-dried meals. To cook them, you just add boiling water and eat straight from the packet, minimising dishes and cooking time. Lunch and snacks throughout the day are a mixture of sweet and savoury, including items such as crackers, beef jerky, cheese, chocolate bars, granola bars and cake. Your food will be packaged in two day bags, so organising what you're going to eat for the day is easy.

Can you cater for special diets?

Of course! We can cater for vegetarian, gluten free or dairy free diets, but we need to know this as early as possible. The food is shipped to Greenland well in advance of your expedition, so please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements as soon as you book your trip. Please contact us before booking if you have any other dietary requirements.

Will I get enough calories for long days?

Yes! Our food packs provide an average of 4000 kCal per day, which is plenty for long days hauling pulks or climbing. Most people struggle to eat their way through the whole bag.

Where will I stay?

Throughout your time in Greenland, you'll be camping in expedition tents. At Tangent's base, a communal area is usually available for eating and relaxation. Whilst in Iceland, you're responsible for booking your own accommodation.

What is my baggage allowance on flights?

On the flight from Akureyri to Constable Point, you will have an allowance of 20kg plus a 5kg carry on bag. Excess baggage is charged at £8/kg and must be booked in advance, as the payload on these flights is often very small. For flights to Iceland from your home country, and internal flights within Iceland, check with your airline for baggage allowances.

Can I ship extra baggage to Greenland?

Yes, you can put any extra baggage on Tangent Expeditions' freight shipment. This is charged at £8/kg each way. Any baggage to be shipped this way must arrive at Tangent Expeditions' office in Northumberland, UK by 15th February before your expedition.

When should I book my flights for?

Flights to and from Constable Point are infrequent and often subject to bad weather delays. We recommend booking flights from your home country to Iceland so that you arrive in Akureyri at least 24 hours before your flight to Greenland. On the way home, we recommend leaving at least two-three days until your international flight, as your outward flight from Greenland is often delayed by a day or two. Tangent Expeditions are not responsible for any missed flights, connections or accomodation as a result of these flight delays.

Will I meet my group before flying to Greenland?

We will put you in touch with the rest of your group who will be in Akureyri before your departure, so you'll have the option to make arrangements to meet them. Some of your group may already be in Greenland, if they have booked back-to-back expeditions.

Who else will be in my group?

Anyone! We make every effort to match expedition groups up with similarly experienced people, who are at a similar level of fitness. Your expedition group could be made up of people of any age, from anywhere in the world. It's a great chance to meet new friends!

Who will I share a tent with?

For people booking on to expeditions individually, we will make every effort to pair you with someone of the same gender to share a tent with. Sometimes this is not always possible due to the group composition. Please indicate when booking if you are a smoker, so we can pair you with another smoker if possible. Expedition tents sleep 2-3 people, although single occupancy is available for an extra cost.

How big are the expedition groups?

This varies dependent on the expedition, but is typically from four to eight people. There will be more information on your expedition webpage/pdf download.

Can I book on an expedition with a friend?

Of course! Please let us know when booking that you are travelling together, so we can pair you up in the same tent.

Who will my expedition leader/guide be?

The leader for each expedition will vary each year. The majority of our leaders and guides work for Tangent Expeditions every year, but often lead different trips. For some of their profiles, check out the Guides & Staffing page. The name of your leader will be sent to you prior to your departure.

What qualifications do your expedition leaders have?

Our leaders and guides have varying qualifications. Some are full IFMGA Mountain Guides, qualified to guide groups in any mountain terrain anywhere in the world. Others are Aspirant IFMGA guides or hold equivalent qualifications from other countries. There is no legal requirement in Greenland to hold full IFMGA status, so we assess each of our guides and leaders based on the skills and experience needed for the trip in question.

What will my leader or guide do?

The leader or guide on any expedition will look after the group, making sure everyone is doing OK and managing safety throughout the day, whilst choosing an appropriate route or climbing objective. They will also choose the location of evening campsites and manage communications with Tangent Expeditions' base. Depending on the trip, they may lead climbing or glacier ropes, or supervise clients doing so. What they will not do is cook for you, put up your tent, or carry your bag - that's up to you!

What equipment do I need for my expedition?

Your expedition has a downloadable pdf that gives a full equipment list, specific to the expedition. Summer or winter, you'll need a full set of technical clothing, including base layers, with changes as appropriate. You'll also need a warm sleeping bag and mat for the nights. Dependent on the expedition, you may need skis, snowshoes, hiking or mountaineering boots and a climbing harness - see your individual kit list for details.

What equipment do Tangent provide?

For all our guided expeditions, Tangent provides:

  • Tents and cooking equipment
  • Group climbing equipment, e.g. rope and rock/ice protection
  • Pulks, if needed
  • Group safety and communication equipment

For independent groups, these items are available to hire.

I don't want to buy expensive equipment and clothing. Can I rent?

Tangent Expeditions has the following items available for rent:

  • Climbing harnesses and helmets
  • Glacier travel equipment (karabiners, prusiks and pulleys)
  • Snowshoes
  • Ice axes (non technical) and crampons
  • Avalanche transceivers, probes and shovels

Items such as skis, ski boots, specialist clothing and sleeping bags are available to rent elsewhere. This can be done in your home country and brought to Greenland with you. Tangent Expeditions does not rent skis.