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alex honnold arctic ascent

Greenland Expedition Logistics and Consultancy Ltd (GELCO) conceptualised, planned and delivered the ground-breaking Arctic Ascent docuseries featuring world-renowned climber Alex Honnold.

The expedition takes the audience on a fascinating journey through north east Greenland’s National Park combining world class climbing and climate research in this pristine location.

GELCO provides expert location services and consultancy for specialist projects in Greenland. We have organised over 250 projects and expeditions in the last 35 years and are the world leaders in Greenland logistics.

Promotional Adventure TV & Website Filming

GELCO can work with your brand to create a masterpiece. Use the stunning backgrounds of the Arctic to showcase your products or team, finishing with a beautifully created video to use for all your marketing needs. Projects could range from a short trip to film a few minutes of promotional material, to a multi-show TV series or feature-length film.

We can provide a professional film crew with experience in extreme conditions if needed. For more information, see our Film & Photography Page.

Photo Shoots & Photographic Marketing

The sensational landscape of the Arctic provides the perfect location for photo shoots of your product or people. Take advantage of the changing light through the 24-hour daylight of the Arctic summer, or be awed by a backdrop of the Northern Lights through the winter. 

Get up close to icebergs and snow covered glaciers. Spot polar bears and musk oxen on the tundra. GELCO can get you to wherever you need for the perfect shot.

We have worked with many experienced adventure photographers and can recommend a team for your project if required. For more information, see our Film & Photography Page.

Extreme Equipment Testing

Winter temperatures drop to well below -30°C, yet spring sun can cause sunburn and snow blindness within minutes. Roaring northerly winds bring drifting snow, whilst periods of high pressure provide perfect summit-day windows. Endless sea ice melts each spring to reveal frigid waters packed with seals and whales.

The changing seasons and landscapes of Arctic Greenland provide a rigorous testing ground for outdoor or scientific equipment and electronics. Complete a long ski traverse in the newest clothing technologies, or accurately plot the reliability of technical electronics in varying temperatures.

GELCO can provide the logistics, transport and safety back ups to your testing, whatever the timelines involved may be.

Team Building Events

Our specialist staff work with management teams to develop their potential and bring them together, producing a cohesive team to meet the challenges of the corporate world. Give them a truly challenging and memorable experience in Arctic Greenland – you can guarantee they’ll be reminiscing about the extraordinary event for years to come.

We can cater for groups from just a few people to a hundred or more, with team members travelling from all corners of the globe. Your team building event can be held in the spring or summer, incorporating a multitude of activities including snow-based challenges and trekking.

See our Corporate Challenges page for more information.

What we Can Provide

These are a few of the projects we’ve worked on.

IKEA Marketing

Produced for IKEA’s ‘There’s No Bed Like Home’ campaign, this four minute online film tells the story of expedition medic Dr. Rob Conway whilst he’s working in arctic Greenland, narrated by his wife who’s expecting their first baby. After weeks of sleeping in frozen tents on thin mattresses, he returns home to his comfy bed.

This project involved a film and creative crew of six people from Knucklehead Films and Mother London. Filmed in and around Tangent Expedition’s Constable Point base, the team utilized snowmobiles for transport and filming purposes. Safety and logistics were provided by Tangent Expeditions, with some Tangent staff acting as extras in the film.

Produced by Knucklehead Films for Mother London, directed by Charlie Crane.

HSBC Charity Challenge

One hundred HSBC employees from all over the globe travelled to western Greenland in summer 2018 to hike 100km of the Arctic Circle Trail. Fundraising for WaterAid, they raised over $315,000 and had a five-day adventure of a lifetime.

The Arctic Circle Trail runs from ice cap to sea, between the towns of Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut. The trail passes through the rugged terrain and through ten frigid river crossings, passing stunning arctic lakes . It is highly regarded as one of the best long distance hiking trails in the world.

Tangent Expeditions provided all logistical support, professional hiking guides, medical support, food & equipment for the trek.

Refresco Team Building

Fourteen executives from the European and North American branches of Refresco, a leading bottler of soft drinks, came together for a team building event, arctic style. The location of the event was kept a secret from the team members until the final moment of their departure from Iceland, leading to a real surprise and challenge for all.

Over four days around the Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit and Tangent’s base at Constable Point, the team participated in dog sledding, snowmobile driving, arctic survival camping and snowshoeing under the guidance of team building professionals and experienced arctic guides.

Tangent Expeditions provided all logistics including flights, accommodation, food, equipment and specialist clothing. The event was staffed by Tangent's own team building specialists, as well as professional mountain guides.

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