Insurance is compulsory for all GELCO trips, whether fully guided, self guided or an independent group. Your Greenland insurance must cover the following:

  • Search & Rescue to a minimum of GBP £10,000
  • Evacuation (including by helicopter) to the nearest hospital for accident, injury & other medical reasons
  • Medical/hospital costs, including countries visited during transit
  • Repatriation to home country (including body in case of death)
  • Winter expedition camping
  • Off piste and remote location skiing, roped mountain climbing, roped glacier travel or any other activities that will take place on your expedition, as appropriate to the planned itinerary
  • Arctic Greenland (north of 70 degrees)
  • Snowmobile, boat, helicopter and ski equipped aircraft transportation as per itinerary
  • Public liability

GELCO is able to offer specialist Greenland insurance to all clients on both guided and independent expeditions as part of the trip price if required. This is at an additional cost of £45 per person per day for trips within Liverpool Land; £55 per person per day for trips within the national park (Stauning Alps, Renland, and other areas north of 71 degrees), and £65 per person per day for trips to the Watkins Mountains and any areas on the Greenland icecap. Please contact GELCO before booking if you are wishing to take out insurance with GELCO.

Expeditions to the Watkins Mountains, anywhere inside the National Park (includes Stauning Alps and Renland), and to any area on the Greenland icecap, must take out a special group policy with GELCO arranged with a specialist Greenland provider. This requires significantly increased Search & Rescue cover up to DKK 1,000,000 (GBP £125,000). This group policy must be taken out to cover all members of the expedition. This policy only covers Search & Rescue (SAR), evacuation and hospital/medical costs. It does not include any other cover (baggage, delays, transit flights etc).

All clients are recommended to take out additional cover to include baggage, lost or delayed baggage, missed or delayed flights, and similar circumstances. This can sometimes be included or made available from household insurance policies, transit flight providers (easyjet, WOW Air etc) and through some credit card providers.

For trips to Liverpool Land, the BMC (Alpine & Ski policy) and PJ Hayman can provide insurance to British residents. Residents from other countries are recommended to use GELCO provided insurance or source an alternative in their own country.