Greenland Base

Tangent Expeditions runs a base close to Constable Point airport to facilitate both its spring and summer expeditions. For all trips except Gunnbjørnsfjeld, you will start and finish here. In season, Tangent's base is permanently staffed, providing a point of contact for all those out on expeditions. The airport was built in 1985 to serve as a logistics platform for mineral exploration. Now it is primarily used for scientific research and mining exploration work in and around the National Park, as well as providing air transport for the village of Ittoqqortoormiit, 50km to the south. There is no village or community at Constable Point, other than a small number of airport staff and Tangent Expeditions' base.

constable point

Accommodation at Constable Point is in expedition tents. This allows you to get used to the tents you'll be using and to camping in arctic conditions, before heading out on your expedition. A communal eating and socialising space is usually available.

On the return from your trip, you have the option of booking into the airport's small hotel, at an extra cost.

Local Hills
There are several small hills close to the airport, which many people choose to walk or ski up if they have a spare day at base. Your guide may also suggest one of these hills as a training day before heading out on an expedition.

local hills

other activities

Other Activities
Many people choose to spend an extra day at the end of an expedition visiting the village of Ittoqqortoormiit to see some local Inuit culture, or going dog sledding, ice fishing or for a scenic helicopter flight. Tangent Expeditions partners with Nanu Travel, a local agency, to offer these activities.

Showers & Meals at Base
Tangent's base does not have a regular water supply, so showers are only available at the airport. Showers will be available on your return from an expedition.

All food is provided at base, to be prepared yourself in your tent. There is also an option to eat in the airport's cafeteria, at additional cost.

constable point base